About Company

About Company


CiaoZ is an e-hailing application where people can enjoy the comfort, privacy, and convenience offered by private vehicles driven by others. With e-hailing service, riders will not have to go through the hassle of navigation as well as finding an available parking space, which can be tiresome as an everyday routine. E-hailing is quickly gaining prominence, as taxis cannot offer the same affordability and transparency of an app-based ride hailing. While safety is the most common concern among e-hailing customers, CiaoZ will ensure that both their driver-partners and riders feel safe.

This latest e-hailing company is under the management of Ideal Technology Advancement Sdn Bhd . The company has a burning passion to make people feel safe when using e-hailing apps. The company organisation staff drives frequently, The organisation understands how hard it can be to go through the daily traffic congestion, navigating through tough roads, and not being able to find parking. CiaoZ is here to help ease the daily lives of Malaysians, providing Malaysians with unique and beneficial features for both driver-partners and riders.

Ideal Technology Advancement Sdn Bhd would often use the public transport to avoid cases of cars breaking down or traffic congestion. However, the problem does not stop there. The public transport sometimes does not take you directly to where you need to be, and therefore having to walk the remaining distance, spending more time before you get to your destination. The waiting period is also another issue, where once the bus or train leaves, people will have to wait for a period of time before they can catch the next one. This is when the team at Ideal Technology Advancement Sdn Bhd came up with CiaoZ to tackle these problems.

Future goals:

Our goal is to build up a safe and reliable community in the e-hailing industry so Malaysians can be at a peace of mind when using CiaoZ. We want to get Malaysians accustomed to e-hailing as part of their daily routine and lifestyle so passengers can get to any place they need to. The driving force of this undertaking is our striving and dedicated team that is highly passionate towards building a better community for the e-hailing industry.


In efforts towards making e-hailing safe for everyone, CiaoZ provides a platform with beneficial features tailored to both driver-partner and passengers alike. CiaoZ has put in careful thoughts into making sure passengers can feel safe riding with CiaoZ. At the same time, CiaoZ is creating and sustaining job opportunities for drivers out there so that they can live more prosperously.

Our Vision
To accustom e-hailing as part of people daily habit and lifestyle so any passenger can go any place to achieve their personal & biz life goal


Our Mission
To build an e-hailing service provider that provides cheaper and safer guaranteed ride journey by a team of professional driver

Our Values
Efficient, Proactive, Caring