Core Service

Ride Your Dreams

Core Service

Ride Your Dreams

Request A Ride

With the convenience of mobile applications and Internet connectivity, users can easily request for a ride with the CiaoZ mobile application installed on their smartphones. Riders are quoted with the fare before requesting the ride, and they will only need to pay at the end of the trip. Riders will also be able to pay with their payment method of choice, cash or card. Ride hailing services use online-enabled platforms to connect between passengers and local drivers using their personal non-commercial vehicles.

Advance / Schedule Booking Rides

The standard e-hailing app allows users to request for a ride to get to their desired destination. But if users need a ride in the middle of the night to or from the airport, it is unlikely a driver will be awake around that time. With CiaoZ, users can now Advance / Schedule Booking rides ahead of time. Whether it’s a trip to the airport or an important meeting, users will not have to risk being late as they do not have wait or standby to request a ride. The idea behind Advance / Schedule Booking rides is to cater to users who may need transport at odd hours. Now, users can relax knowing their ride will be available when needed.

Share A Ride

With the issue of traffic congestion in Malaysia especially during peak hours, the habit of carpooling among Malaysians would greatly help alleviate this issue. Malaysia is also on track to reduce carbon emissions for a cleaner environment for future generations. As vehicles contribute greatly to carbon emission in Malaysia, CiaoZ is also being environmentally-conscious by making carpooling available as a service on their application, thus encouraging users to be environmentally conscious as well.


Normal Passenger

Any personal for any ad-hoc 1 or several ride to any destination in malaysia.

Corporate Company

Any company with 30 staff above for CiaoZ to provide taxi services with corporate rate in malaysia.

Koperasi / Institution

Any koperasi with 200 member above for CiaoZ to provide taxi service with lower rate.

University/ College / School

Any Uni with 1000 student up for CiaoZ to provide taxi service with lower rate.

JMB or MC of condo, office building

Any condo/office with 100 unit up for CiaoZ to provide taxi service , service with lower rate.

Short & long term Car rental

Local travel trip transportation

CiaoZ Type of Services

CiaoZ Economy

The sedan and compact car like Perodua Axia, Bezza and MyVi, Proton Saga, Persona, Toyota Vios, Honda City and its similar category

1-4 Pax

CiaoZ MPV Compact

Compact MPV car like Perodua Alza, Proton Ertiga, Proton Exora, Toyota Avanza, Toyota Wish, Honda ERV, Nissan Livina and its similar category

1-6 Pax

CiaoZ Premium

Class C car and above from 1800cc and upwards like Toyota Altis, Honda Civic, Nissan Sylphy, Toyota Camry, Honda Accord and its similar category

1-4 Pax

CiaoZ MPV Premium

MPV car like Toyota Vellfire, Toyota Estima, Toyota Innova, Nissan Serena, Honda Odyssey, Mazda Biante, Kia Carnival and its similar

1-6 Pax

CiaoZ Cab

Legally registered sedan or MPV taxis

1 – 4 pax (Economy & Premium cab), 1 – 6 pax (MPV cab)

CiaoZ Ladies (Optional)

All types of cars available for lady passengers, driven by lady drivers only. Your safety is our outmost concern.

1 – 4 or 6 pax

CiaoZ EEV Economy

Energy Efficient Vehicles Like Honda City Hybrid, Honda Jazz Hybrid, Toyota Prius Hybrid, Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid and its similar category

1-4 Pax

CiaoZ EEV Premium

Class C and MPV Energy Efficient Vehicles like Toyota Camry Hybrid, BMW Hybrid, Volvo Hybrid, Nissan Serena Hybrid, Mercedes Benz Hybrid and its similar category

1-4 or 6 Pax

CiaoZ Now

All the categories above (except CiaoZ Ladies) with the nearest location

1 - 4 or 6 pax