CiaoZ Apps Info

The safer and cheaper e-hailing
service provider

CiaoZ Apps Info

The safer and cheaper e-hailing service provider

CiaoZ Apps Info

CiaoZ strives to be Malaysia’s leading e-hailing application that strongly emphasises on safety and mutual benefits for both passengers and driver-partners. As e-hailing is becoming increasingly popular, CiaoZ ensures that people have a cheaper alternative for people to get to their desired destination safely, as well as strengthen employment.

How does CiaoZ Work

Opening Screen

  • App view for first time users
  • Users may register a new account or login to the system if account exists.

One-Time Password (OTP) Verification

  • Before registering account, users are required to verify account using password
  • Users will receive password via SMS or phone call

Main Screen

  • System will use the GPS to detect current location of user.
  • System will detect nearest online drivers
  • User can save "Home" and "Work" locations

Setting Up Destination

  • Users to key in their destination/drop-off point.
  • Users may drag the pin to the precise location if system unable to detect the destination/drop-off point.

Selection of Service Type

  • Users may select the type of car they prefer to ride
  • Available CiaoZ Service Type
    • Economy
    • Premium
    • MPV Compact
    • MPV Premium
    • Taxis
  • Users are given estimated distance and time taken, together with the expected fare.

Schedule of Trip, Payment & Promocodes

  • Users to confirm method of payment for the trip.
  • Available payment method
    • Cash
    • In-app Wallet
    • Payment Gateway/Online Banking
    • Credit Card
  • Users may use available promocodes to enjoy discount on trip.
  • Users may book the trip on-the-spot or schedule the trip for later.

Driver Assignment

  • Upon booking, a driver will be assigned for the trip.
  • Users will given the information on:
    • Driver Photo
    • Driver Name
    • Vehicle Type, Model and Plate Number
    • Current Rating of Driver
  • Users may give a call to driver in case problem arises.
  • Users may share the trip to other people.

Driver Evaluation

  • Upon successful trip, users may give a feedback by giving star rating and also additional comments.

Personalize Account

  • Users may visit account profile here.
  • Users may edit the details if required.
  • In case of forget or need to secure the account, users may change the password.

Past Trips

  • Users may view completed trips.
  • Tapping each trip will display the detailed report on the trip, including:
    • Date & time of the ride
    • Booking ID number
    • Details of Trip
    • Details of Driver
    • Details of Vehicle
    • Payment
    • Rating & Comments

Need Assistance?

  • Users may give feedback, suggestions and lodge a complaint through these medium:
    • CiaoZ Support Portal
    • Direct call to customer service team
    • Send email