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‘Ciao’ is an Italian word used for greetings of “Hello or See You Again. Currently spoken in many countries including Malaysia, ‘ciao’ is a cool and trendy term among friends used in social settings. With “Z” generation added to “Ciao”, it symbolises a young-minded & youthful spirit across all ages.


Our brand ‘CiaoZ’ evokes the hospitality of Malaysians – a warm greeting by the driver to passengers, and bidding farewell upon arrival at the destination. This borderless greeting spans all races and nationalities using the CiaoZ e-hailing application.


CiaoZ also depicts friendship; we ensure that our passenger friends travel safely. Reminiscent of friendly and enthusiastic Malaysians, CiaoZ hopes to attract more tourists to the country, thereby boosting the tourism sector.


CiaoZ believes that everyone has goals and ambitions in life, be it dreams for our family or aspirations for a better world. Whether you’re travelling to meet others, visiting the next customer, or moving on to your goals, the satisfaction knowing that you’ve tried your best to achieve your dreams brings no regrets.

Let CiaoZ move you towards your goal. Ride your dream with CiaoZ today!

Passenger & Driver Market Pain Point

Safety Concern

Low Incentive for Drivers

Expensive Fare for Passenger

CiaoZ Solution

Safety Enhancement

Higher Commission for Driver

Lower Fare for Passenger

Safety Enhancement's Features

SOS Integration
Safety enhancement integrated with authorities

Insurance Coverage for Drivers & Passengers
Death & Permanent Disability Protection up to RM50k

Lady Driver for Lady Passengers
Optional for lady passenger

Live Sharing Trip to your beloved one
Automatically to detect live passenger trip & location

Why CiaoZ

Unique Selling Point

Passenger Enjoys Lower Fare


Driver Get Higher Commission & Earn More

Beneficial to Both Passengers and Drivers

CiaoZ strongly emphasises on mutual benefits for both passengers and driver-partners.

Passengers | Features that cares

Advance / Schedule Booking

Special lower Fare to Student & OKU

Special Loyalty Program

Drivers | Features that cares

Cash Back Trip Incentive to Driver

Switch Availability Online/Offline

Earning / Target Tracking

Fare Strategics

Always Lower Then Market Top Provider